ICSD (In-Cassette Staining Device) L3

ICSD (In-Cassette Staining Device) L3 protects the funds inside of the ATM against ATM-related physical attacks: ram raids, break-ins, burglaries, robberies.

All possible cassette functions (modes, activation sequences, etc.) are programmed within the cassette and controlled by the Security Control Module, allowing customers to use the same pool at any location at any time. Since the Security Control Module defines cassette attributes, cassette exchange and management becomes an easy task.

ICSD L3 is installed in the ATM cassette’s lid and doesn't take any room in the ATM cassette, so that note capacity remains unchanged.

ICSD L3 range comes with large number of optional accessories and tools, which makes it easy to integrate it into existing customer processes.

Main features of ICSD L3 range:

  • In-Cassette Staining Device - all in lid
  • No reduction in banknotes capacity
  • Available for Wincor Nixdorf / NCR / Diebold / Talaris / Delarue Currency Cassettes
  • Multi-currency
  • Modular solution, can be extended
  • High quality of staining