Hundai SB 3000

SB-3000 is 3 pocket fitness sorter, which can count not only cash but also checks and tickets.

Key Features are

  • World's smallest 3 pocket fitness sorter
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rotatable wheel at the bottom
  • Great Tape Detection performance
  • Check Management System available
  • TITO (Ticket) management system available

Check Management System

  • SB-3000 can handle not only banknotes but also Checks

    Key advantages of Check/Cash management system of SB-3000 are

    can handle 3 tasks (check scan, cash counting, counterfeit detecting) with product.  It can decrease purchase budget and speed up the task processing time. by replacing 3 products with 1 product, can save space. instead of maintaining 3 products, maintaining 1 product is easier. SB-3000 has blacklist function, serial number of counterfeit banknotes.  Blacklist function can further enhance counterfeit detecting capability.

    • TITO (voucher, ticket) Management System

    SB-3000 can also handle TITO (tickets, voucher).  First, it scans and acknowledges gaming machine ID and amount.  Second, it sends scanned images and analyzed ID, amount and so on (customizable on request) into PC.  Third, TITO SW (in PC) stores voucher images with analyzed info. Finally, TITO SW (PC program) can send the info to Voucher server.

    UI of TITO (Voucher, Ticket) Management System